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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the limited program work?

  • ReaganLTD items are limited production runs available in a brief period only (usually 30 days). Once the countdown ends, that item will never be available for sale again in the same fashion


When will I get my order?

  • Once the countdown for the Limited Program is complete, all orders will be packaged and shipped out within 30 days.

  • All orders are sent USPS Mail. 

What if I ordered the wrong size?

  • You must contact BEFORE the countdown has ended in order to change the size of the shirt you've ordered.

  • Please message us from the email address you used to place your order and provide your order number.

  • If your order has already shipped, we cannot exchange your shirt for another size due to the nature of the Limited Program. Chest dimensions have been included on the website to help guide your size selection.

What if my order is damaged or received the wrong item?

  • If your order arrives damaged or you received the wrong item, you must inform and return the item within 15 days of original shipping date in order to get a replacement.

  • The damaged item will be replaced with the same size/color from the original order.

  • The wrong item will be exchanged for the correct item on the original order and we will cover the shipping costs.

  • ReaganLTD does not reimburse any shipping charges for exchanges for damaged items.

Can I return my item?
  • ReaganLTD will not accept any returns or issue refunds for returned items.

What if I provided the wrong shipping address?
  • You must contact BEFORE the countdown has ended in order to change the address.

  • Please message us from the email you used for your order and provide your order number.

  • Once your order has shipped, we have no control over delivery if you’ve provide an incorrect address.

What if my order was delivered but I can't find it?
  • If your order is marked as “Delivered” but you don’t see it, please check with your local post office (not the USPS hotline)/customs office, or leasing office/mailroom if applicable.

  • Unfortunately, if your item is marked as “Delivered” and you are unable to locate it, we are unable to refund your order or replace the merchandise in your order.

  • ReaganLTD is not liable for merchandise that has been misdelivered or stolen from the property.

  • If your package was forwarded back to our facility – due to a mistake in your address, a failed delivery attempt, or an issue with customs if it is an international package – you will be informed via email and be refunded for the items in your order, but NOT the shipping cost. 



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